Before You Sign a Lease: Title Insurance Is Not Just For Owners and Buyers

As a tenant of a leased property, you may not realize the pitfalls that are inherent to leasing. You might enter into a long-term lease and plan to complete a property build out, only to encounter a title landmine that sets your business into a tailspin.

The good news: obtaining adequate leasehold title insurance can cover these pitfalls. Securing this type of insurance is especially critical if you’re signing a long-term lease.

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In Brief: The State Of Commercial Lending In 2010

Commercial lenders and borrowers are cautiously optimistic that an uptick in lending will materialize in 2010. Spreads on commercial mortgage loan rates have narrowed significantly from early 2009 levels and property values remain low. Thus, money for new commercial real estate deals can be borrowed relatively inexpensively to buy real estate at bargain prices. Against this backdrop, various lenders plan to make significant commercial loans in 2010.

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